Why Trudeau Won’t Capitulate

Canadian Prime Minster Justin (Blackface) Trudeau has a racketeering problem in Canada when it comes to the jabs. It seems that Canada is raking in the dough for every single jab given globally through patents. He will never capitulate and loose a single one of those dollars coming into Canada. What’s worse is that he is the World Economic Forum’s stooge and we all know what Schwab’s plan is. Dr. David Martin explains to Stew Peters and we have a segment of that conversation. We also share further information on Bonds for the Win and breakout a new segment on those crazy woke libs called Real Woke Jokes (it’s not from The Onion….we think).

Viva Frei Live From Ottawa Saturday 02/12/2022

Stew Peters interview with Dr. David Martin

Real Woke Jokes

What us on Rumble.

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