What Ever Happened With Italygate?

While globalist Marxist America hating Hillary Clinton was playing in Russian hooker pee, America hating Muslim Obama was planning to steal every future election through an Italy based defense contractor Leonardo. If Trump was elected the coup would start through impeachment with Hillary’s Russiagate/Spygate. If Trump survived impeachment the switching of votes and manufacturing of ballots in 2020 election would be the coup. Many of the same names appear to be involved in both frauds.

Below is the video I watched in January of this year to familiarize myself with Italygate.

You can find the affidavit and video of the lawyer explaining it at the website below.


As you will hear in the podcast and videos below, both Sidney Powell and George Papadopoulos make some very interesting connections between Obama, Hillary and the US military in the coup of President Trump.

First, Maria Zack from Nations in Action explains Italygate in the video below and includes updates.

Sidney Powell explains US military patents for real-time voting technology including manipulation capabilities and that many long-time politicians may have benefited from them.

George Papadopoulos, author of “Deep State Target”, joined Stew Peters for an in-depth discussion about the global concerted effort to unseat a duly-elected president, overthrow a democracy, topple the Constitutional Republic and rule over all of Western Civilization.

Podcast on video at Rumble.

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