UPDATE: CDC Ends PCR Testing


In last weeks podcast I explained Dr. Fauci’s use of the PCR tests as a tool to provide false positives.

For nearly four decades, starting with HIV-AIDS, Fauci has used these test results to advance his deadly use of experimental drugs by inflating the numbers of those infected with his latest scam.

On July 21 the CDC quietly informed labs to stop the use of PCR testing.

It gets worse…..

In the video below you will see how they have been cooking the books from the very beginning.

I know this is going to be a shocker if you listened to the podcast but…..

Study: COVID Cases are Increasing in Counties with Higher Vaccination Rates, Declining in Counties with Lower Vaccination Rates

You can listen to the full podcast below.

In April of 2020 I started researching the state of Ohio’s flu numbers verses COVID when they simply stopped reporting flu numbers.

It was at that moment I realized this wasn’t what they were saying it was.

When I was banned from Facebook, by a former Wuhan lab scam artist posing as a fact-checker, I knew this scam went all the way to the top.

When I stumbled upon Dr, Kaufman was when my eys were really opened to what science and the medial industry were really up to.

This video from Spacebusters and Dr. Kaufman explains in detail the medical communities involvement in the dis-ease for profit scheme being played on the world.

UDATE 08/05/2021

In the highlighted section below you will find something interesting. There has never been a virus that any scientist has used to create a test or a so called vaccine. You heard that right. No virus was ever isolated or purified to…

  1. give to a volunteer test subject to see if the subject became infected.
  2. create a test for the virus.
  3. create a vaccine.

In a recently released study Ivermectin was found to not only cure what these criminals are calling COV-2 but it makes you less infectious to others compared to the jab.

So how can you have a virus that you haven’t separated from all other junk in your body and tested? You create it. Then use the media to hype it, medical officials to lie about it, and billionaires to invest in pharma.

Billions, if not trillions, of dollars flow to the pharmaceutical companies for their gene therapies. Those profits get filtered back to politicians who push then mandate the therapies. The medical officials head organizations that are a revolving door of former or future pharmaceutical company board members. the whole while the Bill Gates’ of the world rake in billions of profit from their investments. Oh and the media? Pharmaceutical commercials are very lucrative advertising revenue for television and radio stations.

The bottom line is the same.

  1. This was not a pandemic since there is still no isolated fully characterized virus that has been proven to have made anyone ill.

2. No one has a test for it so how did they possibly create a vaccine for it?

3. How can you know you have a variant without a test or an initial virus?

This is about control, eliminating liberty and money. These murders get you to pay them to experiment on you while tyrants mask you and lock you down.

You so want to rant don’t you? We want to feature it on our next podcast.

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