Top Doctor Claims Omicron Was Created In S. African Lab ”It effectively is ‘gain of function’ research”

(Jesse) Watters asked Dr. Quay about Omicron and the possibility that its origins are tied to one or more labs in South Africa?

“Research suggests, the evidence suggests, that they were doing experiments on mice in a lab in South Africa,” Watters said. He continued, “We don’t know which lab,” asking, “Do we know which lab?”

Dr. Quay responded, “Uh, we do,” he said, adding, “There are actually several laboratories, so we don’t have that final piece of information.”

Read the full post and watch the Fox News segment below….

The post also included video (below) from Dr. Campbell who does an excellent job explaining the mouse to human bioweapon Omicron and it’s South African connections.

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