The Vaccine Bioweapon

Dr. David Martin has been warning the world since 2002 about the potential of corruption between medical elites, pharma, and their billionaire investors. In the video below Dr, Martin explains how the medical elite, like Fauci, hold patents on the virus, the testing, and the vaccine. These monsters have been building a for profit vaccine scam since at least 2002 and perhaps as far back as 1995.

In this episode we will breakdown the timeline Dr. Martin lays out, in the video below, so that you can clearly see how diabolical this murder and injure for profit really is.

The video below will help explain Dr. Martin’s claims clearly and precisely.

Here is a clear explanation of the information Dr. Martin shared above.

According to Dr. Martin what is clear is the shots you are being told are vaccines are legally and medically NOT vaccines. The inoculations are designed to give you a coronavirus (of whatever variant they determine) in the hopes (or not) that your immune system handles it.

In terms of killing off a global community they could continue this process of slowly killing people off with variants until they have reached a manageable level of population (or slaves). How would they do this? Boosters. If you didn’t die with the first two try again and again and again.

By the time everyone on earth figures it out you’ll already be a global manageable population.

People like Fauci, pharma, and Bill Gates are rolling in your dollars because you paid for your own murder. The clip below explains how.

Video was removed but contained a clip of the video provided above.

Just look at the numbers of infected children. They aren’t getting the inoculation in large numbers. No inoculation no pandemic (if you believe there was one to begin with). Proof of this is available by looking at the positive test results in countries that have a high percentage of inoculated people. Countries with highest inculcation percentages have higher positive test results. They are giving people the so called virus in the inoculations.

Sounds like a great book right? The book was already written in the patent office as early as 2002 and Dr. Martin found it on a back shelf.

Need more evidence?


How we got here….

We started with the podcast The “Vaccine” Death Sentence below.

Then as more information is made available we have updated the show with these posts below.

UPDATE: CDC Ends PCR Testing
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