Remember That Whole Parents Are Domestic Terrorists Thing?

Turns out the President and CEO of the National School Boards Association went rogue and developed the whole BS letter in conjunction with the Biden White House. Then the useful idiot AG Garland simply followed orders to get the FBI involved.

The NSBA’s narrative crumbled further when it emerged that the original NSBA letter came not from the NSBA’s board, but from the president and CEO, who had consulted with the White House before sending the letter without the board’s knowledge or approval.  It was a rogue operation.

Read the post at American Thinker….

UPDATE: It seems as though the NSBA is in a bit of a pickle with the IRS.

National School Boards Association Owes $20 Million to the IRS

Perhaps the White House offered to wipe out that debt in exchange for their letter to the AG. Oh that’s just a silly conspiracy theory. Is it?

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