Patent Proves Vaxx is Obedience Training Platform. When Will We Take to the Streets?

I don’t normally comment ahead of a video post on this site. I can’t help but do so on this video.

I have for years watched and listened to the Alex Jones Show and X-22 Report thinking that what I was hearing was nothing more than the fear of the host, or worse, their hyperbole to pander to their base listeners.

That was until covid-19.

The video below should scare all Americans and the world populations that have received the jabs and lived. It should be used as a rallying tool to end this murderous plan from psychopaths within and outside our governments and medical communities.

From the Stew Peters Show on Rumble.

The WHOLE WORLD WILL CHANGE if this interview is seen by the masses. This is it. This is the FINAL “Variant”. Your life, the life of our children and every generation to come will be forever enslaved if this agenda is carried out! PLEASE SHARE!

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