New Information on Italygate? And the Pandemic Hoax

In our last podcast we asked what happened with Italygate. Well it seems as though we talked up Maria Zack and huge new information is being reported by Maria and Nations in Action but is it about Italygate?

Below is our first podcast on Italygate.

We cover some new information provided by Maria in recent interviews in this podcast.

Below is an October 6th interview with Maria Zack where she shares new information on Italygate and the wider findings of Nations in Action.

Maria also speaks with Stew Peters in the first half of the video below. Stew spends the majority of the time speaking to Philippe Argillier.

We will also cover explosive information on the pandemic hoax. Just take a look below at just some of the shocking news we covered on the site about the hoax in the past week or 10 days.

We will much more in this episode that will be uploaded Sunday!

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