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Post “Vaccine” Apocalypse

Doctors are now warning of the coming death and injury from the inoculations being forced or shamed on the worlds population. The plan by these psychopathic medical murders is to kill as many as possible while leaving the remainder to care for and bury their family and friends. These medical religious zealots pray to medicine and appoint their own gods that think of you as the parasites.

Millions of people globally have taken an inoculation containing the equivalent of HIV. New research has indicated that they contain metals such as stainless steel. At least one manufacturer in the study had a parasite in their inoculation that could cause death to humans. Does this sound like a medical community that has your health foremost on their mind?

Imagine what just your family will endure the next six months to 3 – 5 years according to Dr, Sean Brooks. Do these sound like they are designed to protect you from something? No? Then why?

The why has been known for a very long time. All the signs are out there in the public domain for anyone who cared to look. Some of us did look as early as March 2020. Even then it was to late. The psychopaths like Fauci, Gates and big pharma are culling humanity for the billions while worshipping each other as gods.

While half the populations of the world die from the poison they inject, the other half will be forced to tend to those who are dying or injured.

However, their plan is even more sinister than that. In the U.S. you will have nearly no military, fire fighters, police, doctors, nurses, teachers, EMT’s or pilots. They were forced to take the inoculation to keep their jobs. All planned by your new gods of medicine.

They are not alone though. The great reset has been planned to bring down all the worlds democracies. Don’t believe me? Just look at Australia to see your future and if you don’t believe your lying eyes just listen to the planners in their own words.