How CDC explains away heart inflammation in young people after Covid-19 vaccine

According to CDC and other public health agencies around the globe, Covid-19 vaccines have been associated with heart inflammation in young people.

Listening to CDC advisers, one can see that when they say they are “monitoring” of cases and reports, it seems to involve trying to rule out any connection in order to get the illness numbers to their bare minimum.

Unlike with reports of Covid-19, whereby illnesses and deaths are often presumed to be related to the virus even when other factors are present; officials take the opposite position when it comes to the vaccine: that the illnesses are not related to the vaccine if they can possibly be attributed to anything else, or if there isn’t confirmatory data such as an autopsy available.

Obviously, the safer course of action from a public health standpoint would be to rule those cases in, rather than out, when full information is missing, or even if there are other factors since it doesn’t mean the vaccine didn’t play a role.

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