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Takin' It Back – The Podcast
Takin' It Back – The Podcast

A couple of tinfoil hat wearing America first patriots are takin’ back the leftist media narratives from today’s headlines.

Silent Majority Silent No More

We have said this for months, but it’s worth mentioning again. The silent majority is winning. Now is not the time to quit. It is time for us to get louder and shout down those who want to trample on your values. We discuss this and more on this episode.

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Silent Majority Silent No More
We Need Some Kash
Durham, Drop Boxes, and Disinformation
The Woke Hates Children
What Are They Hiding in Ukraine?
WWIII Putin VS The Swamp
Truck the CDC
Trudeau's Canada
Why Trudeau Won't Capitulate
Bonds (and Truckers) for the Win
Twitter is a Furry’s Litterbox
The DOJ Wants You! Are You A Terrorist?
Angry Doctor Calls for Immediate End to Jabs
What A Year
Deep State Gets Run Over By a Reindeer?
Trials, Trials, and More Trials
We Are Winning!
Capitol Punishment The Movie And Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Begins
The Verdict, Capitol Punishment, Flynn and a Live Colonoscopy?
Child Trafficking, Britney, Durham and Brownies
Thousands of Nurses, Igor Danchenko and Vax Your Penis Guys
More COVID and Durham Updates
New Information on Italygate? And the Pandemic Hoax
What Ever Happened With Italygate?
Stay Out of Hospitals, Veritas and the Haitian Invasion
Devolution – The Updates
Vaccine Scientist Warns of Mass Extinction
Post “Vaccine” Apocalypse
Conspiracy Theories?
COVID Concentration Camps, Symposium, and Updates
The Vaccine Bioweapon
Anyone Trust the Media? Anyone?
The “Vaccine” Death Sentence
Great Reset Doesn’t Seem to be Popular With Global Community
Top Ten Summer Eruptions
Conservatorship, We Went To See Trump in Ohio