Dr. Robert Young: What’s In COVID Shots, WHY Graphene, WHO is Responsible

In our Bioweapon episode we discussed patents connected to the so called virus and vaccines. We also listened to Dr. David Martin shockingly tell us who holds these patents and what they are for. You can listen to that podcast below.

The following video may help answer some questions you might have about the what and why.

From Stew Peters Show on Rumble: Dr. Robert Young joined Stew Peters for an EXCLUSIVE, very candid conversation about his past, along with his findings after he examined the Pfizer, Moderna, J&J and Astrazeneca vials containing the “secret” contents of the COVID shots being called “vaccines”.

The video below will help you better understand the state of “modern medicine” and the players involved in it’s current harmful trajectory.

One name seems to always be associated with the negative reporting about vaccines.

Hmmm I wonder who that is….

Spoiler alert!!!

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