Devolution – The Updates

There have been growing calls for Joe Biden to resign over his phone call with the ousted president of Afghanistan. Was this phone call and Biden’s actions predicted by Trump and military intelligence? Since our last podcast there have been some major additions to Patel Patriots Substack and we will be discussing them in detail. Patel Patriot has added Parts 9 and 10, as well as, an addendum part 2 and again brings “receipts” to back up his theory on devolution.

Devolution – Part 9 The Military

Video Reading of Part 9

Devolution – Part 10 The Silent War

Video Reading of Part 10

Devolution Addendum Series – Part 2

Video Reading of Addendum Series – Part 2

Other Devolution Readings

Part 1

Part 4

Part 7

Part 2

Part 5

Part 8

Part 3

Part 6

Addendum Part 1

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