When President Trump announced that China’s involvement in America’s 2020 election was an act of war worse than Pearl Harbor devolution operations planning began. In cooperation with military intelligence President Trump became a shadow president while Biden became a feckless installment pending Trumps return to power.

Conspiracy theory you say? You might want to read the research done by Patel Patriot.

We are covering devolution and more in episode 8!

PatelPatriot Articles:

Devolution -Part 1:

Devolution -Part 2:

Devolution -Part 3:

Devolution -Part 4:

Devolution -Part 5:

Devolution -Part 6:

Devolution -Part 7:

Devolution -Part 8:

Devolution -Part 9:

Addendum -Part 1:

Readings of the Above Articles

Devolution – Part 1:

Devolution – Part 2:

Devolution – Part 3:

Devolution – Part 4:

Devolution – Part 5:

Devolution – Part 6:

Devolution – Part 7:

Devolution – Part 8:

Devolution – Part 9:’s-Devolution-Part-9:0

Addendum – Pt1:

Patel Patriot’s Telegram chat:

Devolution segment begins at 1:00:50 mark.

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