Capitol Punishment The Movie And Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Begins

We watched the movie Capitol Punishment on Friday. In this episode we offer up our opinions and let you know if we liked it.

Below is from the movie website.

Told through the eyes of the people who were there on the ground, Capitol Punishment shows the world the true story of January 6, 2021.

Everything that we are being told is a lie and Americans are being persecuted to support that lie.

January 6 was years in the making and the threat to the survival of America as we know it, has never been greater.

Monday begins the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell with millions of people wondering if names will be dropped and what those names will be when she takes the stand in her own defense. @APeekBeneaththeSurface offers up a little history of Ghislaine and how she fits into the Epstein saga.

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